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BPS shares details on its first-ever protein powder This Wh3y

bps pharma this whey

BPS Pharma, the German brand behind the popular Not4Pussy pre-workouts, has completely unveiled its upcoming protein powder. The company originally previewed the supplement back at the beginning of August, confirming that it would be powered by whey and called This Wh3y 100% 4U.

The long-awaited BPS Pharma protein is now less than a week out from release, so the brand has decided to share all of its details. That includes the reveal of its full nutrition profile which is led by 23.4g of protein from a transparent blend of about 13% high-quality whey isolate and the rest whey concentrate.

The other macros making up the profile of BPS Pharma’s This Wh3y 100% 4U are 1.7g each of carbohydrates and fat, 1.1g of sugar, and 114 calories. As mentioned, the German brand plans on launching its first-ever protein powder later this week on Saturday the 28th in the one 33 serving bag size.