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Brain Gains is following up its nootropic with a hybrid nighttime formula

brain gains nighttime supplement

Brain Gains is a very new company out of the UK that has the one supplement available at the moment for a comprehensive nootropic experience. The well-rounded product promises to provide clean energy without caffeine, improve focus and mood, and support memory and anxiety.

Despite only just hitting stores and stockists a few weeks ago, Brain Gains has already started teasing another supplement. While the brand has not shared an image or the formula behind the product, it has passed on a description which makes the upcoming supplement sound just as interesting as its first.

The next Brain Gains product will be a hybrid formula combining nootropic and sleep support ingredients. It promises to support memory, mood, and motivation, similar to the brand’s first release. It also intends to provide better sleep to help you refuel, repair, and recover.

There is no launch timeframe set just yet for Brain Gains’ unique, hybrid sleep supplement, but it will be a nice follow-up to its original focus enhancer.

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