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Cloud10 rebrands its Rice Krispie style snack and renames it Super Treat!

cloud10 super treat

After last year’s makeover, Cloud10 is keeping things fresh with a new look for its staple product now named Super Treat! For those who aren’t familiar with Cloud10, it is a snack company that puts a protein spin on the classic Rice Krispie treat. Each bar packs 15g each of protein and sugar, and 280 to 300 calories depending on the flavor.

The new packaging features a much more cohesive and clean look. Each flavor no longer has its own overall color; instead, all of the bars have a uniform white and beige exterior. It does, however still retain the individual colors in the logo to distinguish the four flavors; Original, Birthday Cake, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Coconut.

Cloud10 is available for purchase directly from its own website, with a full box of ten Super Treats costing you $25.99. Cloud10 is also available in a number of supplement retailers such as GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe, as well as Walmart and Sprouts, all of which will have the rebranded snack on shelves soon.