Dough Bar Whoopie Pie Review: Plenty of room for improvement

the dough bar whoopie pie

The Whoopie Pie is the newest protein food from The Dough Bar, who is mostly known for its delicious, high protein doughnuts. True to its name, the product is a protein-infused spin on a traditional whoopie pie featuring a sweet, creamy filling jammed in between two soft, doughy cakes.

The Dough Bar launched the first Whoopie Pie in July then followed it up with a new and improved second version last month. We jumped on that better Whoopie Pie availability to see if it’s as good as the brand’s great-tasting doughnuts. It is worth mentioning that the product is still in the works with V2 not being the final product.

the dough bar whoopie pie


Compared to The Dough Bar’s original high protein doughnuts, the high protein Whoopie Pie is nowhere near as enjoyable. While you can bite through the cakes, when prepared as directed they have a very dry texture and consistency, which makes it difficult to enjoy the individual flavors of the Chocolate Chip and Funfetti Whoopie Pies.

the dough bar whoopie pie

The dry texture does, unfortunately, hang around in your mouth, although there is somewhat of a bright side to The Dough Bar’s latest protein creation. The product’s cream filling provides a nice dose of moisture and sweetness that brightens up the whole experience when you bite into a good amount.

Of the two flavors, the Chocolate Chip is our favorite purely because it’s consistent base flavor and chocolate bits mask that dryness better than Funfetti. In saying that, there are bites of the Funfetti Whoopie Pie that come with some standout rainbow sprinkle sweetness, but it is mostly dry with a cakey, doughy taste.

the dough bar whoopie pie


While we do like the idea of The Dough Bar’s Whoopie Pie, we feel it has a long way to go, at least to measure up to its delicious protein doughnuts. At the moment the cakes are just too dry, with the sweet parts being few and far between. As mentioned, the product is still in testing, so there is room for tweaks.

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