Twitch-inspired flavor of G Fuel to be revealed at this year’s TwitchCon

Sep 8th, 2019
g fuel twitch flavor

Gamma Labs and G Fuel have been partners with the Amazon-owned, streaming service Twitch for quite some time. This week the popular supplement company has announced it is taking that long-time friendship a step further and launching a flavor of G Fuel inspired by Twitch.

No name, image or hints have been given just yet for the product, only that it is a flavor of the energy and focus boosting G Fuel that as mentioned, is Twitch-inspired. The upcoming release is going to the brand’s impressive 36th-ever flavor of G Fuel, and it’s also not too far away from launch.

Gamma Labs plans on debuting its Twitch G Fuel at the streaming service’s big event TwitchCon, which is going down later this month in San Diego. The brand is also going to have a whole bunch of TwitchCon exclusive deals available as well as special appearances from ambassadors.

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