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Fans of Maximuscle get a new and improved version of its Protein Bar

improved maximuscle protein bar

The long-running Maximuscle over in the United Kingdom, has dropped a new and improved version of its relatively lean protein bar. The product comes packed with 20g of protein per 55g bar, a reasonable 16.2g of carbohydrates with less than 2g of sugar, 6g of fat, and a light 190 calories.

Maximuscle hasn’t said a whole lot about what makes its new and improved protein bar that much better, only that it is improved. You can pick it up now from the brand’s online store at at £25 (31.18 USD) for a box of 12 bars, £21 a box when buying two, and £17 with three or more.

When it comes to flavors, Maximuscle’s Protein Bar has three to choose from, two of which are fairly common options in Cookies and Cream, and Peanut Butter. The third and final flavor on the high-protein snack’s menu is a classic UK baked treat in Millionaire’s Shortbread.

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