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Six exciting flavors confirmed for the upcoming Inspired Amino

inspired amino

In about three weeks now, Inspired is launching an all-new amino supplement that will replace its original BCAA powered Inspired BCAA. The upcoming product is simply named Inspired Amino and it is going to feature all nine essential amino acids at a combined dose of 8g per serving.

With just a few weeks to go before the supplement is available for purchase, Inspired has shared the interesting list of flavors that’ll be releasing in. The product will have six different options to choose from, all of which the reputable brand promises to be some of the best-tasting aminos out there.

The names of the six Inspired Amino flavors are Concorde Candy, Malibu Breeze, Lemon Grove, Galaxy Pop, Sour Yummies, and Orange County. The brand’s website is going to be one of the first places stocking the supplement, and if it’s like most of its launches, there will be an introductory deal.

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