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Kiss My Keto drops an MCT infused bone broth product in three flavors

kiss my keto keto bone broth

Keto Bone Broth is a new conveniently packaged product from the keto-friendly brand Kiss My Keto. The supplement is the combination of protein from bone broth with MCTs and other key nutrients. The product comes in three flavors, each of which is made with a different type of bone broth.

Kiss My Keto’s list of flavors of Keto Bone Broth starts with the lower carbohydrate Thai Green Curry Chicken made with chicken bone broth. The other two options are Lemon Turkey Thyme made with turkey bone broth, and the lower calorie Beef Chili, of course, made with beef bone broth.

kiss my keto keto bone broth

On the nutrition side of Keto Bone Broth, you get 9g to 10g of protein per single-serving sachet with low net carbohydrates ranging between 1g to 3g. Kiss My Keto’s latest effort also packs 4g of fat except in the Beef Chili flavor which has less than half at 1.5g, and a total calorie count of 70 or 80.

You can buy Keto Bone Broth from Kiss My Keto’s website at $32.99 for a box of 15 stick packs. The brand does also have a variety pack available at the same price of $32.99 for a pack of 15 sachets with five servings each of Thai Green Curry Chicken, Lemon Turkey Thyme, and Beef Chili.