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Kodiak increases GABA and melatonin in its updated Anabolic Coma

kodiak anabolic coma

The Stack3d Certified brand Kodiak, has finally revealed the formula behind its new and improved version of Anabolic Coma. The brand announced earlier this year it would be reformulating the nighttime supplement and keeping its main goals the same including support for sleep and recovery.

Kodiak’s updated Anabolic Coma formula is actually much the same as the original, with the exception of three ingredients. Firstly the brand has removed the sleep supporting phenibut from the product, which was previously dosed at half a gram per serving.

kodiak anabolic coma

The other two changes made to Anabolic Coma are increases to GABA and melatonin. Kodiak has upped the two common sleep ingredients by 25% for GABA to 2.5g per serving, and by 300% for melatonin at 3mg. The supplement should deliver similar to the original which was already one of the top nighttime recovery products out there.

Those interested in trying Kodiak’s new and improved Anabolic Coma can look forward to the supplement launching this Friday at 6 PM Eastern Time. It’ll be available at with the usual 30 servings per tub and in three flavors with Rainbow Fruit, Lemon Drop, and Wildberry.