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MuscleMeds creates a keto-friendly, meal replacement spin-off of Carnivor

musclemeds carnivor keto meal

MuscleMeds has put together another spin-off of its Carnivor beef protein powder that brings the supplement into the world of keto. The latest from the brand is Carnivor Keto Meal Shake. It combines a hefty blend of healthy fats, hydrolyzed beef protein, and a couple of extra features.

Carnivor Keto Meal Shake is exactly as its name suggests; a meal replacement shake with a keto-friendly nutrition profile. As mentioned, it comes with a blend of healthy sources of fat including coconut oil, flaxseed and avocado powder, and MCT oil, providing a total of 18g of per serving.

The other macros making up a full serving of Carnivor Keto Meal Shake are 10g of protein primarily from beef protein, 8g of net carbohydrates, and 270 calories. As for the extras MuscleMeds has thrown into the product, on top of the meal profile there are an additional 26 vitamin and minerals, and 16 fruits and greens.

You can grab the all-new Carnivor Keto Meal Shake now from the MuscleMeds website at a price of $26.59 for a full-size 14 serving tub. It comes with two traditional flavors to choose from in Chocolate and Vanilla, both of which provide all of the same macros mentioned above.