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Nano Supps is giving back to its original Nano BCAA with a rebrand

nano supps

Nano Supps or more simply known as ä, has grown quite a bit over the years since hitting the market back in 2017 with its original amino Nano BCAA. We’ve been following the Hungarian supplement company since the beginning and have watched it evolve into a creative and strong protein snack competitor.

This week Nano Supps has announced it is giving back to its first-ever product with an awesome rebrand. The company has said Nano BCAA is getting a unique hand-drawn design for each of its nine flavors. The supplement does come in some fairly innovative options like Cucumber Lime Water and Lychee Lime Crush.

Nano Supps is expected to unveil its updated Nano BCAA designs sometime soon, with the launch of the rebranded product presumably to follow.

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