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Nano Protein Cake Review: Tastes more like a baked treat than a protein snack

Protein Cake is the latest on-the-go snack from the Hungarian based brand ä, also known as Nano Supps. It follows on from the brand’s delicious, freshly baked Protein Pancake, although it is a lot smaller. The new Protein Cake tips the scales at just 26g each, with a lighter nutrition profile to match.

Each of Nano Supps’ Protein Cakes provides 5.8g of protein, 2.4g of fat, 8.3g of carbohydrates with 1.3g of that sugar, and a light 76 calories. Much like the brand’s original Protein Pancake, the Protein Cake is a soft, freshly baked product made with whole grain, no added sugar, and feels like a baked treat.

nano protein cake review


As soon as you bite into the Protein Cake, you completely forget you’re eating something high in protein. Its soft and smooth consistency is closer to a freshly baked cake or muffin, than any of the many protein snacks on the market. The light and fluffy texture will have you eating through the bite-sized treat super quick and onto the next one.

nano protein cake review

While that cake-like main body is incredibly enjoyable, the experience doesn’t end there. Just like its Protein Pancake, Nano Supps’ Protein Cake comes with a creamy filling. For the brand’s newest snack, it is a chocolate-flavored filling which is also quite large and adds a whole bunch of moisture and taste to the soft Protein Cake.

Since the product is so small, as soon as you bite into it, you go right through the light body and into the chocolate center. As you chew, the fluffy texture mixes with the pocket of chocolate and creates a treat to remember. It really does feel more like a freshly baked food than a protein snack; the only issue is they’re so small you’ll find it difficult to stop at one.

nano protein cake review


While Nano Supps does make other products with its pair of amino supplements, it is quickly becoming a standout snack brand. Both its Protein Pancake and Protein Cake are unlike anything else on the market. They offer an experience very similar to a cakey, baked treat which is not an angle many brands have taken and done well with.

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