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Nutrabolics confirms KetoBHBA will be the only ingredients in KetoHack

nutrabolics ketohack

Nutrabolics has passed on a bit of an update for its upcoming ketogenic supplement KetoHack that was first mentioned back in August. The intriguing new product is powered by clinically proven KetoBHBA, which promises to stimulate ketosis and make your body use its own fat to create ketones.

The new information Nutrabolics has shared as we near the November launch of KetoHack, is a look at its facts panel. The panel confirms all of the ingredients the brand has included in the supplement as well as their exact dosing, as KetoHack does feature a fully transparent formula.

nutrabolics ketohack

Not too surprisingly since Nutrabolics is promoting it as such a major highlight, KetoBHBA will be the only ingredient in KetoHack. The brand has dosed it at 6g per serving, with the KetoHack panel also confirming that KetoBHBA is, in fact, a blend of BHB and green tea as a source of caffeine.

As mentioned, Nutrabolics plans on launching KetoHack somewhere in the month of November in its local Canadian market. Consumers in the country also won’t be seeing KetoBHBA in any other supplements, as Nutrabolics actually has exclusivity on the ingredient in Canada.