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Olimp’s second line of Dragon Ball Z products is now available in Europe

olimp dragon ball z supplements

After debuting all of them at this year’s FIWE Expo in Poland that went down last weekend, Olimp has officially launched its three new Dragon Ball Z supplements. The brand dropped its first three Dragon Ball Z products earlier this year with a Goku protein powder, Vegeta pre-workout, and a Frieza amino.

Olimp’s second three special edition supplements are very similar to the first lot. There is a Goku protein powder and a Vegeta pre-workout, however the characters on those releases are in their legendary Super Saiyan form. The third and final Dragon Ball Z product is an amino, but featuring Piccolo instead of Frieza.

You can now purchase any of OIimp’s newest Dragon Ball Z supplements through its European website. The pricing on the products is mostly the same as the originals with the Goku protein powder at €22.90 (25.28 USD), the Piccolo amino at €38.80 (42.84 USD), and the Vegeta pre-workout at €42.90 (47.37 USD).