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You can now pre-order Voodoo RAZE Energy through Instagram

voodoo raze energy

REPP Sports’ all-new, limited edition and Halloween-themed Voodoo flavor of RAZE Energy, is now available for pre-order. This is the first-ever crowdsourced energy drink, as the brand called upon the help of its fans and followers to pick the name of the flavor as well as the look.

As mentioned, you can now pre-order REPP Sports’ Voodoo RAZE Energy, however you do have to go through a rather different kind of process. The way the brand wants people to pre-order the product is by sending the word “Voodoo” via direct message to its Instagram account.

Once you send through that message, REPP Sports will respond with a link for you to pre-order a sample pack of four cans of Voodoo RAZE Energy. The brand will be doing a full launch later this month on September 23rd, at which time you’ll be able to buy full 12-can cases.