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Rocka partners with one of its athletes for a comprehensive vegan protein

rocka nutrition all-in-one

Rocka Nutrition has dropped a new supplement this week that’s been put together in partnership with its vegan athlete Mischa Valentino. Being that Valentino follows a vegan lifestyle, it’s not too surprising that the brand’s new product which is a comprehensive protein powder; is vegan-friendly.

The new supplement from Rocka Nutrition and Mischa Valentino is named All-In (V) One, as it is intended to be an all-in-one type formula. It is now available for purchase from the German brand’s online store priced at €39.99 (44.10 USD) for a 17 serving tub in Raspberry Yogurt or Vanilla Cookie flavors.

rocka nutrition all-in-one

As for the formula behind Rocka Nutrition’s All-In (V) One, as mentioned, it is a comprehensive vegan-friendly protein powder. Each serving provides a solid 39g of protein from pea and rice protein, a light 3g of carbohydrates, just 300mg of sugar, 2.8g of fat, and a lean calorie count of 209.

Alongside the nutrition profile above, Rocka Nutrition has packed All-In (V) One with a handful of extra ingredients to ensure it delivers on its name. Also included in the product are added vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, omega-3, and for strength and performance, an unknown dose of CreaPure creatine.