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Lit, Lit AF and Macros from Beyond Raw get one new flavor each

rolled oats honey beyond raw macros

The GNC exclusive Beyond Raw Labs has dropped a number of new flavors for a variety of products throughout the year. This week the reputable brand continues down that path with another flavor each for three different supplements, including its still relatively new pre-workout Lit AF.

The flavors now available over at GNC from Beyond Raw Labs are Peach Rings for its original pre-workout Lit, and Sour Gummy for its more advanced Lit AF. The third release from the exclusive brand is for its whole-food-based, meal replacement formula Macros with Rolled Oats & Honey.

All three of those new releases are now available for purchase from GNC’s website with Lit at $39.99 per tub, Lit AF at $44.99, and Macros at $59.99.