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Sweat Ethic welcomes its stimulant-free and stackable Vaso’d

sweat ethic vaso'd

Vaso’d is an all-new supplement from the fresh new brand Sweat Ethic, who is promising to launch an impressive 15 new products in the next couple of months. Vaso’d is one of those 15 releases built to boost your workout, and designed to be used by itself or stacked with other pre-workouts.

Like most modern supplements, Sweat Ethic’s Vaso’d comes with a fully transparent formula packing 2.6g of active ingredients into each three-tablet serving. The entire combination aims to enhance muscle pumps while you workout as well as delay muscle fatigue and improve performance.

sweat ethic vaso'd

The exact ingredients making up Vaso’d are the pump boosters citrulline at half a gram per serving, and the S7 blend at 50mg. Sweat Ethic has also thrown in 1.6g of CarnoSyn branded beta-alanine to increase performance, 150mcg of vanadium, 250mg of arginine, and another 250mg of Capros.

Vaso’d is Sweat Ethic’s third entry into its more hardcore, Sport Series of products, and is now available for purchase through its website. As mentioned, Vaso’d is the first of many new releases to come from Sweat Ethic, so definitely get ready to see more from the brand in the coming months.