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Get to sleep and stay asleep with 13th Floor’s nighttime formula Sandman

13th floor sandman

Nighttime is one of our favorite types of supplements, especially when they deliver on all fronts with better overall sleep and improved recovery. While it is one of our favorite categories, it’s not something you see many brands get into, although that is not the case for the new 13th Floor Sciences.

The newcomer 13th Floor has unveiled all four of its products today, including a nighttime formula appropriately named Sandman. The supplement is designed to help get you to sleep more efficiently and ensure you get quality deep sleep.

We were lucky enough to get to try a couple of samples of 13th Floor’s Sandman and can confirm the product does do the trick. On the two occasions we sampled the supplement, it put us to sleep incredibly quickly. To top it off, the sleep was completely undisturbed, and you don’t wake up feeling too groggy or drowsy.

13th floor sandman

The ingredients 13th Floor has packed into Sandman can be seen in its facts panel above with everything openly and transparently dosed. Some of its highlights include a gram of GABA, 5mg of the reliable sleep ingredient melatonin, 300mg of magnolia bark, and 90mg of tetrahydropalmatine.

You can now pre-order 13th Floor’s strong sleep supplement Sandman, directly from its website at The product costs a little less than the brand’s testosterone booster Kaiju at $49.99 for a 30 serving tub with three flavors in Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Candy, and Americanade.