Sample options now available for 4+ Nutrition’s proβios protein powders

Oct 8th, 2019
4 plus nutrition protein powder samples

If you’ve wanted to try either of 4+ Nutrition’s probiotic infused protein powders in Whey+ and ISO+, but didn’t want to commit to an entire tub, the Italian brand now offers sample options. Single serving sachets were already available for other products in the 4+ lineup, but up until this month, not for its proβios enhanced Whey+ and ISO+.

4+ Nutrition’s sample option for the protein powders is not as cost-effective as full-size tubs, and you also don’t get as many flavors to choose from. The sachets of the proβios Whey+ and ISO+ are now available from the brand’s website, with the same three flavors for both in Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Smooth, and Strawberry Explosion.