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Alpha Sports introduces its fairly straightforward Pre X3 pre-workout

alpha sports nutrition pre x3

Alpha Sports Nutrition is a supplement company out of South Africa that this week has added a mainstream type pre-workout to its growing lineup. The product is named Pre X3 and features a fairly straightforward mix of commonly used pre-workout ingredients, including the likes of caffeine and beta-alanine.

Pre X3 from Alpha Sports Nutrition promises to increase energy as well as keep you going throughout your workout. The pre-workout’s primary features inlude 2g of arginine AKG, 3g of the performance ingredient beta-alanine, and a light 200mg of caffeine.

There are other compounds in Alpha Sports Nutrition’s Pre X3 with electrolytes for hydration and BCAAs at just a gram per serving. There is also 10mg of coQ10 as well as light doses of creatine monohydrate and betaine at 1.1g and 50mg, respectively, which is far from the 5g and 2.5g we usually see.

As mentioned, Alpha Sports Nutrition’s newest release is a fairly basic pre-workout similar to other mainstream competitors in the category. Starting today, you can purchase Pre X3 from the brand’s online store at R259 (17.36 USD) for a 20 serving tub in Cream Soda Smash and Mixed Berry Blast flavors.