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Seductively Salty flavor coming next week for Bodylab’s protein bar

bodylab seductively salty protein bar

This coming Monday, the Danish brand Bodylab will be introducing another flavor of its Protein Bar. The product packs 22g of protein per bar and is made with Belgian chocolate. It comes in a handful of uniquely named flavors such as the chocolate and hazelnut option Madly Delicious.

The new addition joining Bodylab’s Protein Bar menu next week continues that creative naming convention with Seductively Salty. We’re not sure on what kind of taste it’ll deliver, but it is going to be chocolate coated and as per its name, it’ll have some sort of salty side to its flavor experience.

Bodylab’s own online store will be one of the first places stocking the all-new Seductively Salty Protein Bar. Through the Denmark-based brand’s website, the protein bar carries a regular price of 199 DKK (29.52 USD) for a box of 12 or 379 DKK (56.22 USD) for two boxes.

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