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Girl Scout Thin Mint-like flavor joins PEScience’s Select Protein family

chocolate mint cookie pescience select protein

An all-new option has joined the tasty lineup of flavors for PEScience’s reputable protein powder, Select Protein. The name of the flavor is Chocolate Mint Cookie and it is not your typical mint chocolate protein. The product is said to taste like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, right down to the chocolate cookie center.

We’ve always enjoyed PEScience’s Select Protein and suspect its new Chocolate Mint Cookie is another great addition to its menu. As per usual, the brand is running an introductory sale in celebration of the arrival of its protein powder flavor, which is also a permanent option, and not a limited-time release.

The deal is, through the official PEScience online store, you can use the coupon code “INSIDER” and get the Girl Scout Thin Mint-like Select Protein, for $20.99 per tub. You’ll be able to take advantage of the offer up until midnight this coming Sunday with a limited of four units per order.