Another addition to Evolve’s well put together Clinical Series is coming

Oct 12th, 2019
evolve nutrition clinical series stimulant supplement

Evolve Nutrition made a lot of noise earlier this year when it burst out onto the scene with its advanced and well-formulated Clinical Series. Currently, the South African brand’s line consists of three supplements with the stim pre-workout Neuro-Drive, the stim-free Neuro-Pump, and the amino Neuro-EAA.

This week Evolve Nutrition has announced that another addition to its Clinical Series is coming soon, although to keep fans guessing, it hasn’t really revealed anything about the product. All we know is the mystery supplement will contain stimulants, be heavily dosed, and according to Evolve, it will lead its category.

After seeing how well put together Evolve Nutrition’s other Clinical Series products are, we’re excited to see how its next entry turns out. The full unveiling of the stimulant powered product is going down in two days on Monday, with the launch of the supplement itself happening the following Monday.