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GIFD launches T2G powered by suma root, cordyceps and shilajit

gifd labs time to grow

T2G, which stands for Time 2 Grow, is the newest supplement from Jerry Ward and his brand GIFD Labs. It is an anabolic adaptogen product made with three natural ingredients. The combination promotes quite the promising mix of benefits for a comprehensive anabolic experience.

The three main ingredients Jerry Ward and GIFD Labs have packed into T2G are suma root extract, cordyceps, and shilajit. The features all come wrapped up in a non-transparent blend that weighs in at 1.3g per two-capsule serving, with the usual amount of servings per bottle at 30.

Altogether, the combination of ingredients in T2G aims to support healthy testosterone levels and provide enhanced strength and lean muscle mass. It also promises to improve cellular energy, help with stress and anxiety, and support recovery and muscle soreness.

You can grab the newest supplement from GIFD Labs over on its website for the same price as its pre-workout Premosine and original fat burner BMR-4. A full 30 serving supply of T2G will cost you $38.95 with no bulk or stack options available just yet like a few of the brand’s other products.