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Delicious GPOP protein popcorn launches with free variety packs

gpop protein popcorn

GPOP is an all-new and incredibly delicious popcorn snack that’s high in protein, although it’s not as calorie-dense as protein popcorns on the market. We reviewed the final product a few weeks ago and can now confirm the sweet and tasty snack is finally going to be available next week.

To go with the launch of GPOP, the brand has put together an introductory deal where you can get one bag of each flavor, free. All that GPOP asks is you cover the cost of shipping. The variety pack comes with a bag each of Cinnamon Roll, B-Day Cake, Peanut Butter Cup, and the decadent Chocolate Lava.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat infused with protein, or a just a big fan of creative protein snacks, GPOP is well worth picking up, especially with that sample offer. To get in on that free variety pack promotion, just head on over to

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