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Halo Top drops chilled treats filled with mousse, sauce, sponge cake and more

halo top chilled desserts

Alongside the announcement of its mouthwatering Platinum Series, Halo Top has also introduced an entirely new type of product for the UK. This is the first time we’ve seen a completely new format from the hugely popular ice cream company since February of this year when it dropped Halo Top Pops.

The all-new product now available in the UK is Halo Top Chilled Desserts. It is a small pot packed full of various layers of taste and texture. There are five different flavors of the product, each of which comes with slightly different features, although they’re all triple-layer treats with a mousse base.

Five flavors

There is Salted Caramel with toffee sponge cake topped with toffee balls; Strawberry Cheesecake with a thick and sweet strawberry sauce plus biscuit pieces and crumble; and Lemon Cake featuring a fruity lemon sauce alongside sponge cake pieces and white chocolate curls.

halo top chilled

The remaining two Halo Top Chilled Dessert flavors are Birthday Cake with a layer of sponge cake, sponge cake pieces, and rainbow sprinkles; then finally, a straight Chocolate option featuring thick delicious chocolate sauce all topped with brownie pieces.


All of the Halo Top Chilled Desserts sound quite amazing, although they do have quite a bit of sugar and calories, and not too much protein. The product comes in packs of two pots, with each pot providing 4.9 to 6.5g of protein, 13 to 18g of carbohydrates, 9 to 13g of sugar, 3 to 7g of fat, and 135 to 153 calories.

Where to buy

According to the creative ice cream company, the Halo Top Chilled Desserts are now out and available in all five flavor options. Fans in that part of the world can find the delicious looking treats exclusively at the major British grocery chain, Tesco.

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