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Halo Top takes on mainstream ice cream with its new Platinum Series

halo top platinum series

The Halo Top Platinum Series is an all-new collection of ice cream treats for the UK market from the high protein ice cream company Halo Top. Six different items make up the brand’s delicious new series with tubs of ice cream in three mouthwatering flavors, and ice cream bars in another three flavors.

What makes the Halo Top Platinum Series so special is all of its products have more calories than the brand’s regular tubs and bars. While the calories are higher, the Platinum Series does also have more indulgence and decadence to match.


Halo Top promises all of the sweet chunks and swirls you get with traditional sugar-loaded ice cream like some of Ben & Jerry’s flavors, but with a much better nutrition profile. The Halo Top Platinum Series tubs and bars still deliver that high amount of protein packing 20g per tub, and between 2.5g to 3.2g for the bars.

halo top platinum series

All of that extra flavor is reflected in the Halo Top Platinum Series’ amount of sugar and fat. In total, single pint tubs of the Platinum Series ice cream have 28g to 36g of fat, 62g to 83g of sugar, and calories at the higher end of 600. As for the bars, you get about 10g of fat and 14g to 16g of sugar, and 160 to 180 calories.


The flavors in the Halo Top Platinum Series include the tub creations Monster Cookie featuring chocolate chip cookie bits; Triple Chocolate Cake with actual pieces of chocolate cake; and Space Candy with popping candy and a swirl of glitter.

halo top platinum series

As for the ice cream bar flavors in the Halo Top Platinum Series there is Salted Caramel Swirl, Vanilla Crunch, and Cookies & Cream with chocolate biscuit pieces.

Launch event

The Halo Top Platinum Series has been put together for the UK market and is launching at a special event this Wednesday and Thursday in Shoreditch, London. It is going to be a pop-up space with thousands of samples to give away, and the Platinum Series Vault where fans will get the chance to try the new Platinum products.

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