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ImSoAlpha updates its pre-workout with 25% more caffeine

imsoalpha pre alpha 2

The supplement company ImSoAlpha from Mike Rashid has launched a sequel to its pre-workout product Pre Alpha, appropriately named Pre-Alpha 2.0. The brand describes its all-new version of the supplement as a combination of its original formula that fans have enjoyed for years, and an extra kick.

On the formula side of Pre-Alpha 2.0, ImSoAlpha has designed the product with the exact same variety of ingredients. Every ingredient that is in the first Pre-Alpha, is in the sequel; however, the dosing has not remained the same. The pre-workout’s features are all included at their original amount or more.

imsoalpha pre alpha 2

You can see ImSoAlpha’s Pre-Alpha 2.0 formula in the facts panel below including arginine AKG, dicreatine malate, and vinpocetine at their original doses. The features that have increased in the new supplement are the non-transparent Energy and Anti-Fatigue blends, as well as caffeine, which is 25% higher at 250mg.

Fans and followers of ImSoAlpha can grab its all-new pre-workout supplement Pre-Alpha 2.0 now from the brand’s website. The product is priced slightly cheaper than its predecessor at $39.99 per tub, although along with all of its improvements, Pre-Alpha 2.0 does also have fewer servings at 30 instead of 45.