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InnovaPharm teases some sort spin-off of its pump pre Nova Pump

innovapharm nova pump nitro

InnovaPharm has started teasing an entirely new supplement that appears to be a spin-off of its pump enhancing pre-workout Nova Pump. The brand is not showing enough of the product to confirm its entire name, but it does look like Nova Pump “Nitro” or some other word ending in “ro”.

The few details InnovaPharm’s mysterious preview does reveal, include confirmation that it helps with pumps and is stimulant free, just like the original Nova Pump. Our guess at what the brand’s upcoming supplement is exactly, is a hybrid pre-workout that improves mental focus as well as pumps.

Whatever InnovaPharm’s next new product turns out to be, it is saying it will be worth the hype, and the wait isn’t going to be all that long. The potential Nova Pump spin-off is due to drop sometime next month, which is, of course, just a handful of days away.