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On-the-go brand Live Relentless previews its sixth supplement

live relentless non-dairy mct creamer

Live Relentless Nutrition, who only has supplements that are packaged in convenient on-the-go sachets, is coming out with a new product. The brand doesn’t have all that many items in its lineup at the moment, so the news of a new addition to the small, but quality selection, is quite exciting.

The upcoming supplement from Live Relentless is named Non-Dairy MCT Creamer, and promises instant energy as well as fuel for the mind. The product is going to be French Vanilla flavored, which is fitting considering it’s a creamer, and powered by emulsified MCT Oil, hence the promise of energy and brain fuel.

More information on the sixth supplement from Live Relentless is due to be available sometime next week, along with a complete launch. The only other detail we know for Non-Dairy MCT Creamer right now is that it is coming in convenient sachets, just like all of the brand’s other products.