All-new whey powered Snickers and Mars protein powder coming soon

Oct 18th, 2019
snickers hiprotein powder

The Mars candy company has put together two new proteins with the Mars HiProtein and Snickers HiProtein powders. Previously the brand had just the former available with a Mars protein powder that launched back in 2017. The two new items are slightly different from the original in both formula and macros.

If it wasn’t obvious by the names and branding, the supplements are intended to taste like Mars sand Snickers Bars. Being protein powders, the nutrition you get from them is, of course, much healthier. Each product also calls out a flavor on its packaging with Mars saying Chocolate & Caramel and Chocolate Caramel & Peanut for Snickers.

mars hiprotein powder

Each serving of the Mars HiProtein and Snickers HiProtein powders provides 21g of protein per serving, which primarily comes from whey concentrate. The candy bar themed supplements’ other macros include 4g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, and 140 calories for Mars and 141 calories for Snickers.

The all-new Mars and Snickers HiProtein powders are launching soon in the same place the first Mars protein dropped, over in the UK. They will be available in bags as opposed to a more traditional tub with a total of 25 servings. One of the places we know for sure will be getting the products is Protein Pick & Mix, who also ships internationally.