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Marc Lobliner hopes to make isolate great again with his next protein powder

mts nutrition mts isolate

Machine Isolate is the latest protein powder from Marc Lobliner and his brand MTS Nutrition, which is hoping to make whey isolate protein powder great again. The product is a simple and straightforward whey isolate formula, and is slightly different from MTS Nutrition’s two-year-old all-natural MTS Isolate.

The new MTS Isolate separates itself from MTS Nutrition’s original by not being naturally flavored and using regular whey isolate instead of grass-fed isolate. One of the biggest highlights of the supplement is its taste and texture, which we’ve seen the brand deliver on several times with its variety of Machine Whey flavors.

Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition have kept the nutrition profile on MTS Isolate fairly lean, with each serving packing 20g of protein all from high-quality whey isolate. Its other macros include just a gram of fat, 2g of carbohydrates with zero sugar, and a total of 100 calories.

mts nutrition mts isolate

Being that taste is a prominent feature of the upcoming MTS Isolate, it will be releasing in a handful of flavors. The product is due to drop in two traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as Strawberry, and a tasty Graham Cracker. All four options will be available in two tub sizes weighing in at 2lb and 5lbs.

MTS Nutrition is looking to launch its all-new MTS Isolate within the next week through the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness. At the moment, we don’t know the supplement’s exact price; however, it is said to be quite competitive. The brand is also hoping to introduce it with a huge sale, so definitely be on the look out for that.