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Prolife opens up distribution of Nutrabio to the rest of the UK

nutrabio prolife distribution

Last month, the supplement distributor Prolife in the UK, started stocking the Stack3d Certified brand Nutrabio. The distribution company confirmed the brand had finally arrived in the region and that it would make the line exclusively available to a select group of retailers, but only for a limited time.

That limited exclusivity is now over, and Prolife has opened up distribution to every other retailer interested in carrying Nutrabio. In conjunction with the wider availability, Prolife has made Nutrabio its official brand of the month, and throughout October it is offering extra discount on wholesale purchases.

The big announcement from Prolife should see the brand in more and more supplement stores and shelves across the UK. The lineup of products available from Nutrabio in the area include the pre-workouts Pre and Pre Extreme, Intra Blast, and the EAA formulas EAA Pure and the hybrid Alpha EAA.

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