Olympus Lyfestyle has arrived at Bodybuilding.com with three supplements

Oct 31st, 2019
olympus lyfestyle

The day has finally come, and the brand previously known as Olympus Labs has relaunched as Olympus Lyfestyle. As promised, the lifestyle supplement company is available exclusively online in the US through Bodybuilding.com, where the first three Olympus Lyfestyle products are now in stock.

The refreshed brand is tackling three major supplement categories right out of the gate with a stim-free pre called No Mercy, a weight loss formula named Jump, and the protein powder Promises. Each product comes in three different flavors, except for the fat burner Jump which has just the one at the moment.

Bodybuilding.com does not appear to be running any kind of introductory sale on Olympus Lyfestyle and its three new products, with everything available at their regular price. No Mercy, Jump, and Promises all actually carry the same price per tub at $44.99.