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You can now pre-order the Halloween BZRK from Mecca Nutrition

black magic halloween bzrk

After being announced just yesterday, Black Magic’s limited Halloween version of BZRK featuring a stylish blacked-out label, is already available for pre-order. The pre-workout also comes with 3g more citrulline malate per serving at a total of 10g, and a unique new taste called Voodoo Punch.

The supplement retailer Mecca Nutrition is the place with the pre-order opportunity on Black Magic’s Halloween BZRK, and at a pretty solid price. Through the store’s website, the product has a regular price of $54.99 per tub, but if you use the coupon “MECCA20”, you can drop that by 20%.

The special coupon takes Black Magic’s limited edition BZRK from $55 down to a much more competitive $43.99. The website you need to visit to get in on that pre-order is, and once again, that 20% code is “MECCA20”.