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Neurohacker packs quite a bit into its Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot

qualia nootropic energy

The nootropic supplement company Neurohacker Collective, has revealed everything for its first-ever drinkable product, Qualia Nootropic Energy. The supplement is a convenient energy shot formulated to provide a nice, on-the-go boost in energy and focus, hence the name “Nootropic Energy”.

While most energy shots we’ve come across feature very basic ingredients and doses, that’s not the case with Neurohacker’s effort. The all-new Qualia Nootropic Energy comes with a loaded formula that rivals some of the nootropic supplements on the market in the more traditional pill and powder formats.

qualia nootropic energy


You can see the full combination of ingredients in Neurohacker’s Qualia Nootropic Energy further down below. The product keeps everything open and honest with a fully transparent facts panel, so you know how much of each ingredient you get per 60ml shot.

Qualia Nootropic Energy includes features such as nooLVL, 200mg of alpha-GPC, 300mg of EnXtra alpinia galanga, Cereboost ginseng, and 90mg of caffeine from green coffee bean. The entire combination promises to provide and support clean energy, mental focus, alertness, productivity, and memory.

qualia nootropic energy


To go with the complete reveal of Qualia Nootropic Energy, Neurohacker has made the on-the-go nootropic shot available for pre-order. Through the brand’s website, you can secure yourself a case of 20 bottles for $5.95 each with shipping due to take place later this month between October 29th and the 31st.