SinFit clears out old stock including its almond spread for as low as $2

Oct 4th, 2019
sinfit original blow out

To make way for all of its recently revealed and rebranded supplements; SinFit Nutrition, previously known as Sinister Labs, is clearing out old stock. The reason we’re putting the clearance in the news this week is that the brand is clearing out all of its old branded products with a substantial discount.

SinFit Nutrition started its original stock clear out earlier this week, and now has just the one product left to take advantage of the clearance sale with. The item remaining is the Chocolate Chaos flavor of SinFit’s almond-based, whey infused spread.

Usually, the SinFit spread would cost you $9.99 per jar, $8.99 each when buying three, and $7.99 each when buying six or more. With the brand’s coupon “WIPEOUT75” for, you can save a huge 75% on all of those prices, which drops the almond spread to as low as $2 a jar, while stocks last.