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Upcoming Phat Lab shares a bit of an update on its pre-workout

phat lab pre-workout

Phat Lab is a supplement company that has been in the works for several months now and is from the same team that brought you Black Magic Supply. While Phat Lab has still yet to hit the market, this week, we’ve got a bit of an update on its psychedelically branded line of products.

The first supplement Phat Lab is launching is a pre-workout, which you have to imagine is going to be quite intense based on how well put together Black Magic’s products are. The brand has now previewed its upcoming pre-workout and confirmed just how heavy its serving size will be and what flavors you can expect.

Firstly, Phat Lab’s preview reveals a serving size of somewhere around 16g. That doesn’t confirm any exact ingredients, but it does suggest the pre-workout is going to have some solid doses as 16g is a good amount of room. The brand has also named two flavors it has in testing at the moment with Candy Drizzle and 3 Pop.

With the latest news from Phat Lab being the first real update since it was announced, we can only hope it’s a sign the brand is not far from hitting the market.

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