Swft reformulates Stim Bomb and moves it to full transparency

swft stims stim bomb

Stim Bomb was the first-ever complex supplement Swft Stims released into the market just short of a year ago in December of last year. The up and coming brand has now revamped the stimulant powered pre-workout, keeping the name the same but changing its formula and flavors.

The new version of Swft Stims’ Stim Bomb, still promises to deliver a comprehensive pre-workout experience that’s heavily powered by stimulants. It comes with ingredients for performance and endurance; however, it’s mostly formulated to increase energy as well as mental focus.

You can see the entire formula for the updated Stim Bomb in the image above, where you’ll notice Swft Stims has made the product fully transparent. The original Stim Bomb had all of its ingredients wrapped up in a 4.363g non-transparent blend with the likes of beta-alanine, theobromine, and caffeine.

swft stims stim bomb

Some of the formula highlights from Swft Stims’ new Stim Bomb include 150mg each of TeaCrine and Dynamine, 200mg of eria jarensis, and 400mg of caffeine from three different sources. There are ingredients from the previous Stim Bomb in the mix, but overall, it looks to be a much more well rounded and complete pre-workout.

Swft Stims’ reformulated Stim Bomb is due to be available soon with five servings less than the original Stim Bomb at 25 as opposed to 30. The supplement is also expected to have a lot more flavors on its menu with eight in total, including creative options such as Kirby Kick and Thors Thunder.