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Swft packs a good amount of stimulants into its upcoming thermogenic

swft thermo

Thermo is the fourth and final new supplement Swft has unveiled this month and plans to launch sometime during the month of November. The brand’s other three products are a new version of its stimulant pre-workout Stim Bomb, the pump pre-workout Vasix, and the amino cocktail Aminix.

Swft’s upcoming Thermo is a packed out weight loss supplement, featuring quite a few ingredients for increased energy and enhanced mental focus. The product does promote benefits outside of those two effects, although looking at its formula, it will be a relatively stimulant heavy experience.

Thermo has been formulated to boost metabolism, support appetite, enhance mood, and help with overall fat loss, as well as increase energy and focus, as mentioned above.

swft thermo

To ensure Swft Thermo delivers on its fairly typical mix of benefits it comes with over ten fully transparent ingredients. You can check out the entire formula for yourself in the facts panel above. It features 200mg of eria jarensis, half a gram of choline, 750mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, and a strong 300mg of caffeine.

Swft’s upcoming fat burner does also pack a handful of branded ingredients including Paradoxine grains of paradise, CapsiMax, the reliable InnoSlim, LeanGBB, and Avadrene avena sativa.

Swft Thermo is due to launch sometime next month alongside the brand’s other three new supplements, Vasix, Aminix, and the updated Stim Bomb. It’ll be available in 30 serving tubs with three flavor options to choose from in Carnival, Mango Tango, and Sweet Tooth.