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The Dough Bar’s high protein Whoopie Pie becomes a permanent product

the dough bar protein whoopie pie

The Dough Bar’s creative and protein-packed Whoopie Pie has now officially become a permanent product in the functional food brand’s lineup. The snack was introduced back in the middle of this year as a prototype, and has since gone through several iterations before landing on the final version that’s launched this week.

The permanent Whoopie Pie from The Dough Bar comes with a reasonable 11g of protein as well as 11g of fat, 26g of carbohydrates with 18g of that sugar, and 250 calories. The brand has released the product in two flavors with Cookies N’ Cream, and Funfetti which has been on its menu since Whoopie Pie V2.

the dough bar protein whoopie pie

For those unfamiliar with The Dough Bar’s Whoopie Pie, it is essentially a traditional whoopie pie with a protein twist. It comes with two whoopie pie cakes and a sweet cream jammed between them. We tried the V2 version and found it to be quite dry and missing a lot of flavor, although the brand has made changes since then.

You can now order the high protein Whoopie Pie through The Dough Bar’s website in packs of six at $20.99 either all in one flavor or half and half. There is also a 12 pack available that comes with six of each flavor at $39.99, as well as a bundle with six of each Whoopie Pie, four raised doughnuts, and four cake doughnuts.

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