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Promising new stimulant coming soon from the makers of NO3-T

thermolife stimulant

NO3-T is one of the more premium brand name ingredients you’ll find on the market. It is responsible for all of the licensed nitrates you see in top-rated pump supplement Ghost Pump, the powerful FSU from Inspired, and Cellucor C4. It is connected to several compounds, including creatine nitrate, citrulline nitrate, and arginine nitrate.

The big news we have this week from ThermoLife, which is the company behind NO3-T nitrate technology, is that it has another promising ingredient coming soon. It is an exciting new stimulant that doesn’t have a name just yet or a description of what it actually is, although we can tell you from first-hand experience that it works.

We had the opportunity to try a handful of servings of it over the past week at moderate to high dosages, and in combination with other pre-workout ingredients. It is indeed a stimulating ingredient that is difficult to compare to anything else out there because it is not really like anything we’ve tried before.

thermolife stimulant

There is a slight kick to the ThermoLife stimulant, however the intensity of that kick doesn’t change much when increasing the dosage. After that initial hit, you’re left with an impressively strong, uplifting focus effect. The stimulant provides a very well-rounded mental drive that gets you through more than an hour’s workout.

When pushing the dosage of the ingredient, we did notice a higher level of lasting focus. We didn’t take the ThermoLife stimulant as high as we feel it could go, although at the most we had, we were not disappointed. Paired with energy and performance ingredients such as caffeine, you get a comprehensive mix of mental and physical energy.

The makers of NO3-T nitrate technology, plan on launching the stimulant sometime next year. Again there is no name or description of it just yet, but it is effective and will be a patented compound.

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