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Newcomer XXP Labs launches its gaming formula Metabolic Bioshock

xxp labs metabolic bioshock

Metabolic Bioshock is the first-ever product from the all-new gaming supplement company XXP (DBL XP) Labs. The brand only just hit the market in the past few weeks, with its one product now available through its own online store as well as the online retail giant Amazon.

Regardless of whether you purchase XXL Labs’ Metabolic Bioshock through its website or Amazon, it has the same regular price of $32.99 for a 30 serving tub. Amazon does, of course, have Prime member benefits, and at the moment, it has a 10% off coupon as well, dropping the supplement to $29.69.

xxp labs metabolic bioshock


As for what Metabolic Bioshock from XXP Labs is exactly, it’s a flavored product geared towards gamers, promising clean energy as well as improved mental focus. It also comes with a handful of ingredients for general health and vision support with zero sugar and a light 15 calories per serving.


The majority of the ingredients behind Metabolic Bioshock come wrapped up in non-transparent blends, so you don’t know how much of everything you get per serving. There are three blends in the first XXP Labs supplement, with a few vitamins and choline transparently listed outside of those them.

xxp labs metabolic bioshock

XXP Labs’ Metabolic Bioshock features a 780mg energy blend, including the likes of citrulline malate, theanine, and two types of caffeine, plus an antioxidant and vision complex with acai berry, ginseng, and lutein. The one other blend is for focus and has the likes of taurine, VitaCholine, bacopa, and DMAE.


You can see the full formula behind Metabolic Bioshock in its facts panel above, which also doesn’t appear to list the total caffeine. On the flavor side, XXP Labs has launched the product with four tastes to choose from in Strawblaze, OG Punch, Blue Shock, and Blue Pom Nom.