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Adrinall Review: Smooth and lasting energy, focus and cognition

adrinall review

Adrinall is one of the first five products released from the all-new and creatively marketed supplement company Glaxon who arrived earlier this month. Adrinall is a fairly well-rounded, nootropic formula designed to provide a comprehensive combination of energy and mental focus benefits.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running Adrinall for review, which is also our first taste of Glaxon, and by the looks of things, it won’t be our last. The brand certainly delivers a complete experience with Adrinall, providing noticeable benefits in both of its promised areas of energy and focus.

adrinall review


Compared to some of the other very effective nootropic products we’ve tried, Glaxon’s Adrinall is a more smooth, long-lasting energy and focus booster. It doesn’t really kick or come over you overly strong; instead, it gradually builds across the first 30 to 60 minutes after throwing back a full, three-capsule serving.

During that time, you start to feel like you’re kind of waking up, but at a somewhat accelerated pace. Your energy slowly grows until you feel wide-eyed and ready to work, with the same thing to be said for the mental focus side. Your mind becomes clearer, and you’re able to focus and concentrate on topics and tasks much easier.

adrinall review

As mentioned, Glaxon’s Adrinall is kind of like a drawn-out version of other effective nootropic supplements on the market. You get that noticeable combination of energy and focus, which isn’t as intense as we’ve come across in the past. The effects do, however, hang around at a strong level and for an impressive amount of time.

The longest run of elevated energy, focus, and cognition we experienced on Adrinall from the newcomer Glaxon, was about four hours. Those benefits were also very consistent, not gradually growing in an hour or so, then fading back out. It’s an ideal product for things like study, work, gaming, or simply getting stuff done.

adrinall review


Considering Adrinall is our first taste of Glaxon, we’re definitely impressed. While we’re typically fans of nootropics with more intense energy and focus, we did enjoy the long-lasting nature of Adrinall. We also never tried more than the product’s regular serving, mostly because it has 21 servings per bottle, and we wanted it to last.

We did try Glaxon’s Adrinall with a light energy drink on a few occasions and found it did increase the energy a little more. It provided that slightly more intense energy boost we prefer, and better yet, there was no change to the mental side of the supplement or how long it lasted.

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