Chikalab drops a chocolate flavor of its collagen infused nut butter

Nov 8th, 2019
bombbar choco macho

Bombbar has launched another great tasting nut butter for its spin-off functional food brand Chikalab following the two it dropped last month with Captain Peanut and Miss Chika. The Russian brand’s newest nut butter is infused with collagen just like the other two; however, its nutrition profile is not quite as lean.

Choco Macho is the name of Bombbar’s new Chikalab nut butter, which is a delicious, chocolate-flavored cream made with coconut and cashews. On the macro side, 30g of the butter provides 7g of protein, unlike Captain Peanut and Miss Chika’s 10g, with 4.4g of carbohydrates, 11.8g of fat, zero sugar, and 162 calories.

Bombbar’s Chikalab Choco Macho is available from its website starting this week for the same price as Captain Peanut and Miss Chika at €5.25 (5.80 USD) for a 250g jar.