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Core confirms major changes for 2020 including a new look and products

core nutritionals rebrand

In early 2020, Core Nutritionals is going to be making some big changes to its comprehensive collection of supplements. The reputable and always well-formulated brand, is coming out with an all-new look in the new year which is going to involve a lot more than just fresh new label designs.

Core Nutritionals has not previewed its rebrand just yet, but is making it sound quite interesting. It will use a label technology that promises to add both a new look and feel to the brand’s products. Alongside the rebrand will come about two to three new supplements and a handful of new size options.

We have to imagine the recently revealed Core Fury Platinum is going to be one of those entirely new products. Core Nutritionals first mentioned the supplement a few weeks ago, saying that it is in the works and is set to be the brand’s best pre-workout to date.

Basically, it is going to be an exciting start to the year for fans and followers of Core Nutritionals. There has been no exact date, week, or month set for the brand’s big revamp, just that it’s planned for early 2020. Core’s lineup is quite extensive as well, so the roll out will be quite gradual.

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