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Core Fury Platinum promises to be Core’s best pre-workout so far

core fury platinum

Core Fury X is the most recent pre-workout supplement from the reputable brand Core Nutritionals. It was launched just over one year ago, and comes with a pretty hefty formula. Its maximum serving includes highlights such as 6g of pure citrulline, 3g of NO3-T betaine nitrate, and 350mg of caffeine.

Core Nutritionals has now revealed that an all-new version of its long-running pre-workout is in the works. The product goes by the name Core Fury Platinum and is currently in testing with the brand. Core Nutritionals is saying it is its best pre-workout to date, so it will be an improvement on the loaded Core Fury X.

The one piece of information we have for the upcoming Core Fury Platinum is that a single scoop of the formula Core Nutritionals has in testing, weighs 12.4g. That amount can be double scooped, which would give it an overall weight around the same as Core Fury X at 25.25g.

With Core Nutritionals promising Core Fury Platinum to be its best pre-workout yet, and Core Fury X already having a solid formula; we’re very excited to see how Platinum turns out. The supplement is however only in testing at the moment, so it may be some time before the brand finalizes everything and launches it.