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NO3-T powered EVP-3D for pumps and focus coming soon from Evogen

evogen evp-3d

While Hany Rambod’s supplement company Evogen already has five different products in the pre-workout category, it turns out it actually has room for one more. The brand has announced this week that it is coming out with yet another EVP named supplement in the stimulant-free formula, EVP-3D.

Evogen’s upcoming EVP-3D is like a few other stimulant free pre-workouts on the market, and made to enhance muscle pumps and mental focus. As mentioned, the product does not contain any stimulants, so fans won’t get that caffeine boost like in the brand’s EVP, EVP Plus, EVP Xtreme, or EVP Xtreme NO.

As far as the ingredients and dosages go for EVP-3D, so far, Evogen has only confirmed the one. While we’re fairly certain it won’t be the only ingredient in the supplement, we do know that EVP-3D will contain a pump boosting NO3-T nitrate.

The inclusion of NO3-T in EVP-3D is exciting, although it isn’t the first time Evogen has used nitrates in a product. The brand’s recently released EVP Xtreme NO also features NO3-T with a solid 2g of arginine nitrate. We’re definitely excited to see how EVP-3D turns out, and by the sounds of things, it is dropping soon.

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