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Newcomer Fireball Labz unveils its upcoming pre-workout Jaw Breaker

fireball labz jaw breaker

Fireball Labz is an all-new supplement brand from the United Kingdom that is due to hit the marketing later this month. It is a creative and colorfully branded company that is set to launch with a stimulant powered pre-workout named Jaw Breaker, promising increased energy, mental focus, and endurance.

Considering Jaw Breaker is one of the first products from Fireball Labz, it comes with a fairly impressive and pretty well-rounded formula. The pre-workout features well over ten main ingredients, which as mentioned, combine to provide a variety of benefits and deliver a complete experience in the gym.

fireball labz jaw breaker

A few highlights from the formula behind Fireball Labz Jaw Breaker include 4g of pure citrulline for pumps, half a gram of the focus ingredient choline bitartrate, and a strong 300mg of caffeine. You can see the full list of features in the supplement in its facts panel above, and like most newcomers to the market, it is fully transparent.

Once again, Fireball Labz is due to become available later this month in the UK, with its pre-workout Jaw Breaker releasing in a full 30 serving tub with three uniquely named flavors. The product’s options that all say “Zero F*cks Given” around their necks are Knockout (sour fruit punch), Up In Flames (fireball), and Forbidden Fruit (sour apple).